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You will see this option on each filter page of If you have a non-fluoridated water source, you require only the carbon filter unit.

The lightweight and Bisphenol A-free poly material is tremendously tough, making it hollow and fragment proof.We started with a 2 gallon Big Berkey, but eventually upgraded to the 3 gallon Royal Berkey, which is perfect for our family of four.With unsurpassed customer service, the Berkey Water Filter Store is a leading distributor of the original line of berkey water filters.Berkey water filter systems have an upper and a lower chamber and work via gravity.

If you have a non-fluoridated water source, you require only the carbon filter unit.

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The Black Berkey filters have been tested for the removal of pharmaceuticals and been found to be very effective.Berkey filters come in different sizes from the cute little 1.5 gallon Travel Berkey all the way to the monster 6 gallon Crown Berkey.

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We started as a small family-operated business in a farming community just East of Pueblo, Colorado.

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Get exclusive discounts straight to your email inbox in seconds.Reduce your exposure to these harmful pollutants with the Dreval D-850 7-stage air purification system and Big Berkey water filtration system.

Berkey filters have gone through extensive testing by independent labs, and are very effective at removing most kinds of contaminants.Even though it may be safe you may still be suspicious of your water but not sure if you should filter it or purify it.They started their The company was founded by a small family in a farming community.

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Berkey Filters Discover local sources for Berkey Filters in Hawaii and other items related to Berkey Filtration available online and through local Sporting Goods, Army Surplus, Hardware, and general merchandise dealers.This is a Travel Berkey water filter that I bought 5 years ago and have hardly used.Also looking at the specs of what the Berkey water filters take out (viruses, bacteria, inorganic minerals, metals micro-organisms, pesticides, etc, etc), it made for an obvious choice since the filters were so affordable.

Berkey water filter systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine to levels higher than 99.99%, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.Get Free shipping In Continental USA - Plus, get 1 item and half price. - Easy Counter server and hosting history

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Berkey filters surpassed being just a filter and actually qualify as a water purifier.

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Safe Water Alberta is your number one Berkey water purifier and filtration sytem provider in Edmonton Alberta Canada.These black filters are near a foot long and are made from a proprietary combination of approximately 6 different types of media.Berkey Water Filters are a must for emergencies and are virtually the most powerful and economical systems for everyday use.

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Browse a complete selection of our water filter models, and compare to find the system that fits your exact needs.

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Berkey Sport Bottle features IONIC ADSORPTION MICRO FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY.We love dance, and believe in training hard to get better and better.Please see the latest independent lab testing by Envirotek Labs.Lowest price guaranteed on all Berkey water filters.